Posted by: spiralofhope | 2009-04-05

Unity Linux

moved to



  1. […] I hacked together some outward-facing pages to at least start things rolling.  I don’t think the wiki was even linked-to from any public place before my last Unity Linux blog post. […]

  2. That one is cool… if you need a banner, tell me and i’ll craft you one :)

  3. are you sure you want to stick with this theme ? Not sure its easy to read …

    • No, not sure. I want to remove whatever forced font is being used. I’ll try “Shocking Blue Green” for now then.

  4. Hey !
    Nice first blog post !

    And yes that’s really weird … Google or at least Blog should be understood by the WordPress spell checker… Is WordPress understood by it either ? I don’t think so …

    • Thanks,

      And you’re right, I just found out that “WordPress” isn’t a valid word in the spell checker. I guess the whole spell checker component is a third-party work, and they can’t or won’t update it for whatever reason. There’s no custom dictionary either. Bah.

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